Study Guide

Answer the following questions.  Study guides will be periodically checked in class and may occasionally be used for quizzes.  Study guide checks will be worth participation points (between 10-25 pts.)

Pages 1-20 Chapter 1

1. What is the setting? How old is the author toward the end of 1941?

2. What happened to the foreign Jews expelled from Sighet?

3. How did the people react to Moche’s story?

4. On the 7th day of Passover (1944), what did the Germans do?

5. After this, what were the other five steps of the German control over the Jews?

6. When Elie’s father returned from the long meeting, what did he say was going to happen to the Jews?

21-26 Chapter 2

7. What, in her delirium, was Madame Schschter seeing?

8. What was the station they reached?

9. What was Birkenau?

27-43 Chapter 3

What did Elie see going into the flames?

11. As the men recited the Kaddish, how did Elie react?

12. According to Elie, the first night in the camp turned his life into what?

13. If the prisoners did not work, where did they go?

14. How did Elie react to his father’s being struck by the gypsy?

15. What was the number engraved on Elie’s arm?

16. Why was the prisoner in charge of Elie’s block deprived of his office?

17. What was the name of the new camp where they were taken?

45-62 Chapter 4

19. Why did the Germans care for the children?

20. What was the dentist looking for?

21. How did Elie manage to keep his gold crown?

22.Where and when did Elie meet the French girl who was so kind to him in prison?

23. How did Franeck force Elie to give up his gold crown?

24. When Elie discovered Idek with the girl, what punishment did he receive?

25. How did the prisoners feel about the Americans bombing the camp?

26. When the young prisoner was hanged, twp prisoners helped in this task.  What was their “payment?”

27. What was especially cruel about the death of the boy with the face of a sad angel?

63-80 Chapter 5

28. How did Elie feel about God on the eve of Rosh Hashanah?

29. What was “selection?”

30. Who was the doctor in charge of the selection?

31. After several days, those whose numbers had been written for selection are asked to stay in camp.  Who does Elie find out is staying behind?

32.What does Elie’s father give him as an inheritance?

33.What does Elie do with the knife and spoon?

34. What was wrong with Elie’s foot?

35. Why were the prisoners being evacuated?

81-92 Chapter 6

36. Briefly describe the march of the prisoners.

37. What did Rabbi Eliahou’s son do to the Rabbi?

38. To what camp were they taken?

39. What was the last thing Juliek did before he died?

93-98 Chapter 7

40. Why did the train stop in the middle of a deserted field?

41. How old was Elie when he witnessed the incident of the son, Meir, taking bread from his father?

42. To what prison camp did they finally arrive?

43. How did the other prisoners treat Elie’s father when he was dying of dysentery?

44. On what date did Elie’s father die?

45. How did Elie respond to his father’s death?

99-109 Chapter 8

46. What were the SS officers going to do to the camp once it was evacuated?

47. On April 10, at six o’clock in the evening, what stood at the gates of Buchenwald?

48. Why did the freed prisoners not think of revenge?

49. What happened to Elie three days after the camp was liberated?

50. What does Elie see when he looks in the mirror?