Of Mice and Men: Split Quotes
For more information on formatting split quotes, see link on writing guide.

Split Quotes:  Two major themes of this novel are friendship and the American dream.  It is your job to find relevant quotes from the novel that relate to both of these themes.  These notes will serve two purposes: they will be the basis of support for your final paper and you will use them for a short presentation for the rest of the class or during seminar discussion.  Your notes will be split on the page and categorized as follows:

Theme: Friendship


Context & Explanation

Word-for-word as it appears in the text.  Does not just have to be dialogue between characters; any words from the novel, including narration, are a quote.  If the words are not your own, then they are a quote by someone else (in this case, Steinbeck).

Include context (where the quote was said, when, who is speaking, etc.)  The context in turn will become the information you use to create tags in your final essay.  Tags introduce quotes and are important so that your quotes aren't just "floating" and isolated within your essays.


“Ain’t many guys travel around together…I don’t know why.  Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other” (35).   

When Slim first meets George and Lennie.  Slim has been around the ranch for a long time and has seen many men come and go as loners.  This quote is important because it shows why he and other characters are skeptical about G&L traveling together.  It also provides a reason as to why many people do not make connections with one another and thus, do not make friends or build relationships.

You must have at least 5 quotes per theme, and they must be mixed between characters—i.e. you cannot just use the same quote about “the land” from Lennie and George for the American dream theme.  Quotes also need to be spread throughout the novel—you cannot pull all of your quotes from the first two chapters.  More quotes earn more points.  The more in-depth the explanations, the more points you earn.