Of Mice and Men Study Guide

Please be sure to read each of the following questions carefully, thinking about what you want to say before writing your responses.  If you are printing this up because you lost yours from class, copy and paste into Microsoft Word and add spaces between questions so you have room to respond Be sure to write legibly, in ink, in complete sentences with accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation. Remember to proofread your work before turning it in.

Sample Questions/Answers:
Short answer sample: Worth 2 points each
Where does the story take place?
Answer: John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men takes place in California, a few miles south of Soledad close to the Salinas River.

Paragraph answer sample: Worth 5 points each
Why are George and Lennie "run out" of Weed?
Answer: You must use specific examples from the text support if you want full credit.

George and Lennie are "run out" of Weed because as George explains to Slim, "...he wants to touch ever'thing he likes" (42). When "he reaches out to feel this red dress an' the girl lets out a squawk," Lennie becomes confused and is unable to let go of her skirt (36). Mistaking his intentions, she "tells the law" and "the guys in Weed start out a party to lynch Lennie" (36). Frightened that the townsmen will catch Lennie and punish him, he and George sit in an irrigation ditch for the rest of the day until nightfall when they "scrammed outa there" under cover of darkness (37).

Chapter 1 Short answers:

  1. When George and Lennie first enter the book, what can you tell about the kind of lives they live based on the way they are dressed and what they are carrying?

  2. Where are they going and for what purpose?

  3. What keeps happening to the mice that Lennie pets?  What does this tell you about him?

  4. What do the rabbits represent and why does the author mention them?  
    Chapter 1 Paragraph Answer:

  5. Explain the relationship that exists between George and Lennie based on Chapter l of the book. Explain in detail.
    Chapter 2 Short answers:

  6. What excuse does George give for Lennie's retardation?

  7. What is the definition of "pugnacious"? What character is described as "pugnacious"?

  8. What is Candy's opinion of Curley's wife?

  9. What does Carlson suggest Slim do for Candy?
    Chapter 2 Paragraph answer:

  10. Why is the stable buck set apart from other men?  Explain in detail.
    Chapter 3 Short answers:

  11. Why did Lennie sleep in the barn?

  12. What do Whit and George talk about?  What does George decide to do?

  13. What is Curley upset about?

  14. Who gets into a fight and why?
    Chapter 3 Paragraph answer:

  15. Explain what happens to Candy's dog and why. Be sure to discuss his feelings about this situation.
    Chapter 4 Short answers:

  16. What does Crooks talk to Lennie about?

  17. Who visits Crooks' room?

  18. What is Crooks actually doing in his room?

  19. What was Crooks saying about himself in his room?
    Chapter 4 Paragraph answer:

  20. What is Crooks' attitude toward Candy and Lennie's dream? Explain.
    Chapter 5 Short answers: 

  21. What was Lennie trying to hide when Curley’s wife entered the barn? Why?

  22. How does Curley’s wife die?

  23. What does George first decide to do?

  24. What are the men doing outside while Lennie and Curley's wife are in the barn? Who really steals Carlson's Luger?
    Chapter 5 Paragraph answer:

  25. Is Curley's wife an evil woman? Explain.
    Chapter 6 Short answers:

  26. Where does Lennie return to at the end of the book?

  27. What is one of the visions or dreams Lennie has while he waits for George?

  28. What scene does George recreate for Lennie at the end of the book?  Why?

  29. How does Slim treat George at the end of the book?
    Chapter 6 Paragraph answer:

  30. Is George right or wrong in his actions at the end of the book? Defend your opinion.