Literary Portfolio: To Kill A Mockingbird

You are going to create a literary portfolio for TKAM.  I am giving you this information now so that you can work on this project throughout the time we are reading the book.  EVERYTHING MUST BE TYPED.

Your portfolio will contain the following:

Front cover: 15 pts

  1. Artistic representation of the book and it must include the title and author.

Inside pages: 180 pts

  1. Table of contents. 10 pts
  1. A general summary of the book that doesn't give away the entire plot.  Encourage others to read the book.  Minimum length one-half page. 25 pts.
  1. A 6-8 sentence paragraph describing each of the main characters.  These include Scout, Jem, Atticus, Boo, Calpurnia.  Consider personality traits.  Total length: 5 paragraphs minimum.  50 pts.
  1. Six quotes from the book that are especially important to the advancement of the novel.  Write the quote, include the page number of quote, tell who said it, and then in 2-3 sentences tell why the quote is important. 30 pts.
  1. A diary entry from the point of view of Scout or Jem telling about the trial.  One-half page minimum. 25 pts.
  1. Write (copy) the lyrics to a song that details a theme of TKAM.  After writing the lyrics, write a 4-6 sentence paragraph explaining why the song you have chosen reflects a theme of TKAM and tell which theme it reflects.  Clean lyrics only! 30 pts.
  1. Artistic and/or creative details that make the inside appealing. 10 pts.

Back Page:  10 pts  

  1. One quote by you telling why others should read this book.  Minimum 3 sentences.
  1. Your name and hour - Do not put your name anywhere else in the book except this very last page.

Overall:  20 pts

  1. Mechanics - grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  1. Daily Work grades