TKAM Group Work: Due in writing for Thursday.

1st row:

List the stages of "getting Boo out."  (Hint: The first attempt involves touching the house; the last involves the fire at Miss Maude's.)


2nd row:

Write a paragraph in which you describe the relationship between Atticus and his children.


3rd row:

Write a paragraph in which you discuss the nature of courage in this novel.  Look at the Tim Johnson chapter, the Miss Dubose chapter, and the chapter in which Atticus talks with Uncle Jack about why he must take the Tom Robinson case.


4th row:

Write a paragraph in which you explain the conflict between Miss Caroline and Scout.  What do these scenes show about the difference between the Finch home and school?  Between Atticus and Miss Caroline? 


5th row: 

In 3-4 sentences describe each of these characters:

Miss Maudie

Miss Caroline

Boo Radley


Aunt Alexandria