Short Story Group Work

Prompt:  In groups, complete the following tasks.  Each person should be fully contributing to the overall completion of the project.  If you are not on task, you will not earn full points for the project and will be forced to complete it individually.

  1. Complete Plot Chart:  On a large sheet of paper, complete a plot chart which details the pattern of action in the story.  Make sure you include the complication on the rising action section to show what starts the conflict off.  Sketch plot chart out first on scrap before completing finished product.
  2. Character Map:  On a large sheet of paper, create a map / tree / list of characters from the story.  Using bullets or short fragments, describe each character (physically, personality, strengths & weaknesses, role in the story, etc.).  Find images and photos in magazines or draw images to represent characters.  Use marker and write large enough so information can be seen across the room.
  3. Themes: Interpret what you think the theme(s) of the story are.  What do you think we are supposed to learn from the stories?  Think about parables in the Bible or fables from childhood.  Whatís the lesson?  There are multiple right answers for this section.  Put these on large paper and write clearly enough to be seen across the room.
  4. Irony:  Identify the type(s) of irony present in your groupís story.  Find specific examples to prove which type of irony you say is present (for example: if you are saying that situational irony is present, give proof where the author leads us to conclusions about the ending before slapping us with the opposite conclusion to the story). List the irony along with examples (and page numbers) on large paper w/ markers.

This project is worth 50 points.  25 points are for participation (staying focused and on-task, not disrupting other groups, etc.).  25 points are for quality of finished products, attention to detail, correct reference from stories, etc.  Due in the middle of class on Wednesday, September 27th.