Short Story Outline            
Worth 50 points

Name: __________________________

Step one:  State which story format you are planning to create: comic, short story.  Fill out the following steps using complete sentences.  This assignment is due __________________________.

Step two:  Create characters.  Be as detailed as possible.  Include the following.

1.      Physical description
2.      Personality characteristics
3.      Hobbies, history, family background, favorite music, etc.
4.      Motivation throughout the story
5.      Speech characteristics—accent, vocal qualities (loud, soft, obnoxious laugh, gestures wildly when speaking, doesn’t make eye
         contact, etc.)
6.      Style of dress

Step three:  Determine the plot—what is the action of the story?  What will we see the character doing.  Focus on describing action rather than just listing a series of activities.  HOW the characters do what they do is as important as WHAT they are doing.

1.      What happens in the beginning?
2.      What occurs during the rising action?
3.      What complications will arise?
4.      What will the climax of the story be?
5.      How will you conclude your story?

Step four: Determine the setting.

1.      What is the geographical location of the story?  In what town, city, state, country, planet, galaxy does the action occur?
2.      What is the time span of the story—minutes, hours, days, months years?
3.      What is the environmental location of the story?  In what kinds of rooms, buildings, outdoor spaces, arenas, schools, etc. does the
         action occur?  Be as specific as possible.