Vocabulary Development

"The Lady or the Tiger?”

Selection Vocabulary:

Impartial—adj.: not favoring one side more than another

Emanate—v.: to come forth

Dire—adj.: dreadful; terrible

Fervent—adj.: having or showing great intensity of feeling; passionate

Novel—adj.: new and unusual


EXERCISE A:  Determining meaning: in each space below, write the selection vocabulary word that best completes each sentence.


  1. She doesn’t care where we go.  She’s _________________________.
  2. His _________________________ words shook the town hall.
  3. The ______________________accident backed up traffic for miles.
  4. Her clothing style is ________________________ and fresh.
  5. Negative words __________________________ from his mouth as easily as if he were saying “Good morning.”


EXERCISE B:  Practice with synonyms: Draw a line to connect each vocabulary word with its synonym, or word with nearly the same meaning.  Use a dictionary for help (there are 10 in a box on one of the computer tables by the first row of seats near the door).


  1. impartial                                  awful; gruesome
  2. emanate                                   emotional; impassioned
  3. dire                                          Surprising; unfamiliar
  4. fervent                                     emit; arise
  5. novel                                       neutral; fair