Vocabulary Development:  “The Most Dangerous Game”

Selection Vocabulary:

Tangible—adj.: capable of being touched or felt

Discern—v.: to detect or recognize; to make out

Condone—v.: to excuse or overlook an offense, usually a serious one, without criticism

Imperative—adj.: absolutely necessary

Zealous—adj.: very eager; enthusiastic


EXERCISE A: Determining meaning:  Fore each sentence below, write the selection vocabulary word that belongs in the blank.


  1. I do not _________________ this rude and disruptive behavior!

  2. The ______________ crowd cheered uproariously for their team to make a comeback.

  3. The tension in the room was so strong that it was almost___________________.

  4. It is _______________________-that we act soon, or we may miss the deadline!

  5. It was to dark outside to ____________________whether there was enough food in the dog’s bowl.


EXERCISE B: Classifying:  Write the additional vocabulary word that best completes each group of related words.


Diverting: entertaining; amusing

Deplorable: very bad; regrettable

Repast:  meal or feast


  1. banquet, dinner, _________________________________


  1. delighting, pleasing, ______________________________

  2. wretched, woeful, _______________________________


EXERCISE C: Below, write a job description General Zaroff might have written to get a servant to replace Ivan.  Use at least three of the selection vocabulary words.