Split Notes:  Quotes

This is a good form of note taking for longer selections.  Once you have determined the primary themes of the novel or work being studied, start looking for quotes that represent that theme.  Then, using the sample from Night below, collect and explain the quotes.


Context & Explanation

“My father was a cultured, unsentimental man.  There was never any display of emotion, even at home.  He was more concerned with others than with his own family” (2).

Elie talking about his father at the beginning of the novel.  Establishes his initial relationship with his father.  Shows his father didn’t feel that family was important in the beginning.  This changes as he and Elie learn to survive in the camps together. 

1. Split your page down the center.

2. Create one page for each major theme you are examining.

3. Write an entire quote or the beginning of a quote on the left side of the page.  Include page numbers.

4. Write who is speaking (and in what context) on the right.  Also provide a short explanation showing why this quote is significant to the theme being examined.  Pretend I am there asking you why this quote is important to the theme.

5.  Find quotes that exemplify the nature of characters.

6.  Find quotes that represent the primary conflict of the novel.

7.  Find quotes that represent the primary themes of the novel.